fact: i can’t stop looking at the new years google doodle.

signs that it’s time for me to return to work.

(but the numbers just look so agitated!)

ways I know that I am in Pasadena and not NYC

not a single one of the baristas or cashiers in the *MOST* hipster/pour-over-extraordinaire/coffee-snob-ish coffee shop in town know what everlane is when they all ask me where my cute backpack is from. “ever-what? where do I find that? is the store on this street?” (because there is only one street of shops in the whole town)

also every time I walk in, they compliment me or engage me in convo on something I’m wearing. I’m becoming known as that stylish girl there. who knew? props to NYC for making me dress slightly better, even though I always felt underdressed when I was actually there.

“The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence;/ not in silence, but restraint.”
marianne moore (not the one that was my former professor)

sunday in the sun


An 86 year old woman from SJ who completed her 25th and last NYC marathon this year.


David Sedaris’ sister

”David has his own version of the truth, and it bumps into my version. His makes mine not true, and mine makes his not true,” Tiffany says matter-of-factly. ”He said he wrote about our pain because we weren’t doing anything with it. When I die, you can recycle me. Till then, it’s mine.”


food for thought re: family secrets



wait, i want this.




i cannot. i just. cannot.

cruel but awesome


anthill art.